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How To Promote NFTs On Twitter?

NFTs, non-fungible tokens, have been all the rage lately, and with good reason. Their versatility and potential for immense growth have caused quite a stir among those interested in cryptocurrencies. But turning NFTs into profit is no small task, especially when you want to learn how to promote NFTs on Twitter.

We’ll go through creative ways to drive engagement with your audience while positioning yourself as an expert in the field so that people keep coming back from more.

What are the best NFT hashtags on Twitter?

Keeping up can be difficult, with so many people discussing and trading NFTs. To make things easier for anyone looking for relevant hashtags related to this unique digital asset.

Here is a comprehensive list of some of the best NFT hashtags used on Twitter:

#CryptoArt. This is one of the most popular tags associated with the NFT project. It showcases unique and creative artwork that can only be owned via an NFT transfer on a blockchain network.

#NFTCollectibles. People interested in rare digital collectibles often use this hashtag as a quick way to find and share information regarding tokenized collectible items like CryptoKitties or Cryptovoxels.

#NonFungibleTokens. This versatile tag unlocks a world of knowledge and conversation around non-fungible tokens, making you the ultimate crypto connoisseur.

#NFTCollection. Are you proud of your rare collection? Use #NFTCollection and show off your hard-earned tickets. Share stories behind certain purchases or hold virtual competitions with other collectors to spark conversations among collectors across various social media platforms.

#BlockchainArtists. For those dedicated artists creating unique works using token transfers powered by blockchain networks, #BlockchainArtists provides an excellent platform filled with potential customers actively seeking new work from talented creatives such as yourself. Express yourself through art on a secure decentralized ledger.

#DapperLabs. Dapper Labs has been powering innovation within Ethereum-based gaming experiences since 2018, and they continue blazing trails within the NFT marketplace and the entire NFT community. Use this hashtag if you want to keep tabs on them while showing support for their efforts in jumpstarting projects related to CryptoKitties and NBA TopShot initiatives.

#Decentraland. One of the more popular virtual world games that utilizes non-fungible assets as part of its foundation, Decentraland allows users to acquire land parcels (which act similarly to real estate), which then can be exchanged through trading platforms using weirdly named fiats (MANA).

Who are the top NFT influencers on Twitter?

Regarding the top NFT influencers on Twitter, many influential voices have become leaders in this quickly growing industry.

From full-time traders to platform creators and consultants, here are some of the most significant roles regarding the NFT space.

Who are the top crypto Twitter influencers?

First off is Justin Fletcher (@JustinFletch24). He’s an avid NFT enthusiast who has been active in both trading and collecting for years.

Next is David Weisberger (@davidtwb), who runs one of the most successful Crypto trading networks, CoinRoutes, with offices in New York City and London. His firm provides data services for Cryptocurrencies, including live feeds from dozens of exchanges for global investors. David often tweets about his insights into digital art technology trends like non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

We must remember Matthew Roszak (@MatthewRoszak). As co-founder and chairman at Bloq Inc., he’s been involved deeply in blockchain investments since early 2017.

With over 150K followers, Matthew regularly posts about upcoming crypto-related projects and development-related news related to blockchain technology and digital assets like NFTs.

Lastly, we have Miko Matsumura (@MikoMatsumura), one of the earliest cryptocurrency investors around, having invested in Ethereum right out of the gate in 2014.

Since then, he has gone on to build several ventures such as Evercoin Exchange (a secure P2P crypto exchange) and Token Survey (token market research), making him one of the more authoritative minds across all cryptocurrency topics out there today including Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

How to advertise NFTs on Twitter

Advertising Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on Twitter can be a great way to get the word out about your project. As a platform with over 330 million active Twitter users, Twitter is the perfect place to spread awareness of your NFT offering. Twitter’s advertising platform has unique advantages that can help you maximize exposure and engagement for maximum impact.

First things first, you need an effective strategy if you want to advertise NFTs on Twitter successfully. This means defining your target audience, what message resonates with them, how it will be delivered, and when that content should appear in their timelines. You’ll also need to decide which objectives or metrics are essential for success: likes, retweets, conversions, followers, etc.

It all starts with a killer plan of action. Get your creative juices flowing and craft compelling content for your ads. Then, work your magic on the ad manager tool to set up winning campaigns. It’s that simple! Whether you’re on a shoestring budget or have cash to spare, ensure your message reaches the right audience.

When it comes time to create NFT marketing materials to advertise NFTs, there are several different approaches one could take:

1.) Produce Animated Videos That Explain Your Concept: Videos are often more engaging than text promotional posts, so if possible, try designing some eye-catching visuals or animations that explain precisely what advantage potential customers could gain from using the technology behind this product or how it helps creators monetize their work better (or both.).

2.) Leverage Influencers To Spread Awareness Of The NFT Projects: If budget allows, find influencers with large followings already engaged in conversations related to digital assets like tokens and cryptocurrencies, reward them by giving them early access or special offers just for being part of your launch program. This will provide extra credibility and visibility among key stakeholders who may have yet to learn about NFTs, significantly increasing the overall adoption rate.

3.) Utilize Digital Display Ads With Engaging Copy And Visual Content: Creating powerful display ads with relevant copywriting and eye-catching visuals helps reinforce brand recognition along with delivering relevant messages directly into user’s timelines while avoiding falling foul of regulatory issues such as ICO regulations since no funds are exchanged through these type promotions typically. This also increases trust among potential buyers as they see other people praising the product before making purchase decisions.

Finally, running A/B tests throughout each campaign allows marketers to tweak messaging, visuals, targeting criteria, etc., without breaking budgets until enough data is collected from successful tweets, allowing one to optimize further down the line, leading eventually towards ROI optimized campaigns and cleaner analytics reporting insights, which should never go underutilized when considering advertising projects like these moving forward.

How to run NFT ads on Twitter

Running Non-Fungible Token (NFT) ads on Twitter can be a great way to spread awareness about your token and build excitement for upcoming sales events.

First, you’ll want to ensure your NFT is listed on the proper NFT communities so potential buyers can see it. The leading crypto exchanges, such as Coinbase and Binance, have lists of tokens available for purchase.

You should also consider listing with Fuse, OpenSea, or Rarible, popular platforms dedicated solely to trading NFTs. Once your token is listed in these places, ensure it has up-to-date data, prices, availability, and other specifications so buyers know what they’re getting when buying it from you.

Once everything’s set up on the marketplace side of things, there are a few steps to take before launching an ad campaign:

  • Do some research into the target audience.
  • Design attractive visuals.
  • Decide how much money you’re willing to spend.
  • Create a compelling copy.
  • Determine the best placement option for maximum visibility.
  • Finalize audiences in Ad Manager settings within Twitter Ads and Analytics Dashboard.
  • Launch campaigns simultaneously across several channels if necessary (Facebook Ads Manager or simple Google search ads).

When setting up an ad campaign on Twitter itself, there are six different types of creative formats offered: 

  • Video tweets (both prerecorded videos or live streams, 
  • Image tweets (single images either uploaded or linked from outside sources), 
  • Carousel tweets containing multiple images arranged vertically in a slideshow format 
  • Audio tweet uploads are single audio tracks longer than 20 seconds, 
  • Poll tweets containing two answer options along with visual content and images, and 
  • Text tweets that contain only text but no multimedia elements.

Each type has its own set of restrictions regarding size limitations, so make sure all content meets guidelines before submission; this won’t help reach potential customers but will avoid having ads flagged by Twitter moderators during the review process.

After choosing the proper format(s), customize them aesthetically and tailor specific messages included according to target audience segments defined earlier using analytic insights obtained via search queries related to advertised topics.

Now it’s time to try different targeting methods, such as keyword targeting, where users see ads based on their recent searches made within the app.

Demographics targeting via age and gender categories are used to narrow down the pool of consumers most likely to convert faster than others. Also, try using location-based techniques like specifying certain countries and regions showing higher engagement rates in past promotional efforts, etc.

Finally, use “lookalike” strategies to leverage data collected from former ad campaigns, establish exact match profiles, future campaigns, more efficient and better effectiveness outcomes once launched again until the desired results are achieved.

Stay committed to budget objectives, adopt a fast iterative mindset, improve existing ones, and optimize upcoming endeavors. Success ultimately boils down to remaining proactive and attentive to changes in evolving conditions.

What is the minimum daily budget for Twitter ads?

The minimum daily budget for Twitter Ads depends on your marketing goals, targeting strategies, and available resources. Generally speaking, the minimum daily budget you should allocate to a Twitter Ads campaign is around $5 per day.

Remember to underestimate the power of starting small! Although it may seem tiny compared to the behemoths of Google Ads and Facebook Ads, this baby step is a brilliant way to test and fine-tune your campaigns. And remember, you can always amp up your budget and watch those results soar!

But if you are just getting started with Twitter Advertising, spending too much money could be a waste before you’ve even had the chance to refine and optimize your ads.

To get the best out of every dollar spent on Twitter Ads, ensure each is allocated based on specific objectives rather than randomly spread across multiple channels without considering what type of content would perform better in certain areas.

Try different budgets alongside different target audiences and creative assets until you find something that effectively drives desired actions from users.

Whether impressions or click-through rates (CTR), with enough data points gathered over time from various campaigns at varying budget levels, marketers can begin creating more effective strategies with higher ROI potential in mind when allocating funds toward their future campaigns.


From identifying the top NFT hashtags to building relationships with leading NFT influencers and crypto Twitter personalities, every step can help your campaign reach the right audiences.

While knowing how to advertise correctly on Twitter is essential, having a minimum daily budget for ads is also crucial.

Once everything is in place, you should be ready for your next windfall. Together, let’s build a brighter future through NFT promotion on Twitter.

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