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Restrictions And Alternatives To Crypto Google Ads

Digital advertising has been revolutionized in the past few decades, with tech powerhouse Google pioneering this change. From banners to native ads and more, companies have more opportunities to get their message out there.

But what about cryptocurrency? That innovative new form of currency is growing in popularity with businesses and individuals, so why do some seem to need to be included regarding digital marketing?

As you’ve probably guessed, Google doesn’t allow cryptocurrency-related ads on its platform due to its strict policies surrounding risky financial products, yet alternatives exist.

In today’s blog post, we’ll dive deep into the restrictions currently surrounding advertising cryptos on Google’s search engine and explore alternative methods of reaching your target audience without committing any forbidden action.

By the end, not only should you have a far deeper understanding regarding precisely what can (and cannot) be done when trying to reach people through crypto, but you should hopefully pick up a handful of valuable strategies that can help ensure your efforts are successful. 

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What are crypto Google ads?

Crypto Google Ads is a digital advertising platform specifically designed for the cryptocurrency market. These ads connect organizations that wish to promote their services and products in digital currencies with potential customers who might benefit from them.

Crypto Google Ads have distinct advantages over conventional forms of online advertising. For example, when launching a campaign on Crypto Google Ads, you don’t need large budgets upfront as you would with normal pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns on Adwords or Bing Ads.

Instead, the pricing model is based on impressions or clicks, so your budget only pays for what it gets in terms of customers interacting with your ads.

Furthermore, unlike other PPC networks, Crypto Google Ads don’t require payment unless an actual customer interacts with an ad, meaning not every click leads to a chargeable action, which allows businesses to optimize their budget much better than before.

Overall, crypto Google ads offer unique features and benefits that appeal greatly to those involved in digital currency trading and blockchain technology startups looking to increase visibility within this new industry without incurring excessive costs associated with traditional online advertising methods.

What is the latest Google ads crypto policy?

Google Ads has a comprehensive policy regarding advertising products and services related to cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. According to their official policy, the following advertisement types are not allowed in Google Ads:

  • Cryptocurrencies that are released or traded without government approval;
  • Initial coin offerings (ICOs);
  • Promotions that offer cryptocurrency-related investment schemes;
  • Content related to trading advice, trading signals, or urging users to buy specific cryptos; and
  • Cryptocurrency mining equipment and software.

Google’s crypto ad ban was initially enforced in June 2018 after seeing an uptick in ICO scams using its platform. To help address the issue of scammy business practices around cryptocurrencies, they also created an Investment Products Certification Program for firms interested in offering cryptocurrency investment products through their platform.

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Virtual asset service providers and money services business providers

The goal is to protect users from deceptive behavior within the industry by providing additional transparency to firms offering these services alongside other financial products already available on Google Adsense.

In addition, companies hoping to advertise any crypto product must prove legitimacy by providing documents and other information throughout the certification process before being approved as a partner with Google Ads Crypto Policy.

Once approved, they can officially advertise their products on Google ads. However, they must still follow all applicable laws regarding financial services advertising, including consumer protection laws like Truth In Advertising Laws (TILA), such as by the Korea Financial Intelligence Unit.

This helps ensure that users across these ads are kept from being taken advantage of with false claims or fraudulently advertised investments.

Why does Google ban crypto ads?

Google recently banned cryptocurrency and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) advertisements from its advertising platform in March 2018.

First, most cryptocurrencies are unregulated, with no government or central bank oversight. Any fraudulent activities related to these assets can go undetected and unchecked. Look at what the Philippine central bank did by banning crypto dealing in any multilateral trading facility without a licensing regime.

Given the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, ads related to them could easily be misleading or false, something Google does not want associated with its brand name or reputation.

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Financial Services Regulatory Authority

Second, protecting users from potential harm is another crucial objective for Google regarding cryptocurrency advertisements on its platform, including protection against hackers who exploit unsuspecting users by stealing their private information via malicious software or phishing attempts embedded in online ads relating to cryptos.

As such, the ban helps prevent user exploitation by keeping all crypto-related ads far away from legitimate usage scenarios on the web space monitored by the Google Ads network.

Finally, given the fact that a majority of countries don’t have laws governing cryptocurrencies yet, which means there isn’t much regulatory oversight surrounding them either, they fall outside some existing local legal requirements and frameworks as well as many consumer protections currently available for conventional financial products like stocks and bonds, etc.,

It is difficult for Google Ads administrators to guarantee a safe environment where consumers can interact with this digital asset service provider, providing automated trading services based on up-to-date knowledge and information obtained from reliable sources.

As a result, this ban will help free up resources usually used to vet new advertising campaigns coming through before approving them to protect consumers and advertisers alike from potential risks arising out of unlawful crypto asset transactions while using their services.

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What are the top 5 alternative advertising methods besides Google ads to market cryptocurrencies and NFTs?

Google ads may be one of the most apparent methods to advertise these new technologies, but there are many other ways to market them. Here are the top 5 alternative advertising methods to market cryptocurrencies and NFTs:

Paid Social Media Posts

Paid social media posts like Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube can effectively market your products or services related to cryptocurrencies or NFTs.

Although it may seem daunting initially, paid social media posts allow you to target specific audiences with tailored messages that will help spread awareness about your offerings without breaking the bank.

SEO Strategies

Utilizing Search Engine Optimization strategies is another great way to attract attention toward your cryptocurrency or NFT offering without spending too much money on costly ad campaigns.

Online Influencers

Working with popular influencers on various social networks can also be beneficial when it comes to crypto-marketing efforts because their followers trust their opinions more than traditional industry experts and advertisers, thus leading to increased conversions from less promotional activities required from businesses themselves when compared to other forms of advertisement channels being utilized these days (e.g., Google Ads).

Also, these influencers could even go further explore options like running sponsored give-aways specific crypto-related gifts and services to increase fan engagement that leads directly to generating sales within shorter timeframes rather than waiting long periods between post publications and completion of conversion goals being set by businesses themselves over longer duration project cycles they usually follow while working alongside traditional agencies and digital advertising firms familiar dealing strictly displaying banner and video advertisements only, allowing more significant budgets allocation per month across multiple platforms leading large scale projects come life within planned budgets.

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Hosting Events and Meetups

In addition, hosting events dedicated explicitly to discussing topics linked to blockchain and development within the industry itself could be beneficial due to the lack of availability of formal educational institutions focusing solely on such issues today, allowing larger communities formed around a central idea promoting cryptos along the same lines access to relevant learning materials require getting started afterward likewise.

Sponsoring smaller conferences introducing the latest developments made this system hosting interactive seminars garner the overall interest of the public, which indirectly drives sales up seen companies engaging regularly keep their users informed about activity during times need extra motivation to keep going while staying positive and encouraging believes much maximum benefit possible derivable gaining popularity server-side usages tech itself log run efficiently accomplishing tasks hand-picked costumers part specific online wallets alike instead relying upon comparably lacking UI experiences provided established providers time again.

Content Marketing Strategies

As content is king nowadays in terms of acquiring organic traffic from potential audiences interested in learning more about a particular concept, content marketing strategies should not be neglected either when trying to convert prospects into actual customers once witnessing value proposition presented in a manner designed to attract everyone looking solid, reliable service package around investing crypto exchanges markets along same lines exchanging nonfungible tokens securely needed conditions applied course well several instances case requiring reminder why chose to proceed went coming to begin place anyways? Content detailed impressive factual supporting statements backed by trustworthy sources speculate positively future scenarios drives a desire to try given direction forward, eventually turning back a couple of clicks process ago nothing left block path trusting innovative platform present therein furthermore.

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What are the top 5 Crypto Ad Network?

Crypto advertising has undoubtedly changed how we look at advertising, and several crypto ad networks now allow users to advertise with various cryptocurrencies. Here’s an overview of the top five Crypto Ad Networks:


It offers several options for advertisers, including banners, popunder, native ads, push notifications, and low-cost video campaigns. They have over 2000 direct publishers available from more than 200 countries and accept 10+ kinds of cryptocurrency payments, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), etc.


Cointraffic is one of the leading digital advertising platforms in terms of ROI since they provide seamless integration between advertiser and publisher through their advanced tracking system that allows analytics reports to be delivered promptly each time an ad campaign is launched or completed. They also offer many payment options in USD as well as seven types of popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Dash (DASH).


A-Ads stands for Anonymous Ads, which is perfect for those who prefer to keep their identity private since transactions on this platform are completely anonymous without any logins or signups required. Hence, it ensures safety and privacy, which makes it very attractive to advertisers who want complete control over their marketing campaigns without worrying about data leakage or misuse issues arising from personal information sharing. They accept cryptocurrency payments like Bitcoin Cash(BCH), Dogecoin(DOGE), and other Fiat money methods.


PopCash is another reliable crypto ad network that supports multiple payment methods, including credit cards And Cryptocurrencies such as BTC, LTC, XMR, ZEC, and USDT, etc., providing good coverage all around the world, allowing both desktop and mobile traffic targeting, thus making it an ideal choice if you’re looking to advertise your product globally. 

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Bitmedia’s platform provides multiple features, such as keyword targeting and bid flooring services, which help minimize risks while maximizing profits from securities and exchange commission, giving detailed insights into user engagement, and ensuring your product gets maximum exposure among relevant target audiences worldwide.

It works on a CPC and CPM basis, helping convert leads faster onto sales pages by offering both fiat and cryptocurrency payments via Bitcoin cash, lite-coin, Dash Coin, and Ethereum, among many others.


Crypto and blockchain-related ads may have restrictions and alternatives regarding Google Ads, but there are still ways to get the word out about your product. Becoming informed about these measures is critical to ensure your projects stay connected with the right audiences.

Before investing in a marketing campaign for your crypto or blockchain-related product, research what is allowed and how best to reach such a targeted niche group. Look at all options from Google Ads to make the most of advertising crypto services and products more effectively.

Additionally, explore other methods outside of Google Ads that help influence people’s decisions regarding crypto. Too, you never know how much impact they may have. Make sure you check our website for more info on these restrictions and alternatives when it comes to running advertisements featuring or mentioning crypto.

With some knowledge, you can confidently represent your project with effective advertising campaigns that reach and engage with the people who need it most. Check out our website for more info.

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