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7 Top Brand NFT Influencers to Follow In 2023

The NFT market is forecasted to grow to over $80 billion by 2025, making it an exciting time to launch an NFT token. And if you have already launched your NFT project and are looking to reach buyers in the shortest possible time, it’s crucial to have the support of top NFT influencers. These influencers can provide credibility to your project and help reach a wider audience thanks to their large following. By partnering with NFT influencers, you’ll be able to quickly connect with the right audience and increase your visibility in the NFT market.

We’ve compiled a list of the top NFT influencers on Twitter and YouTube to collaborate for the promotion of your NFT project. Because YouTube and Twitter are the most crypto-friendly platforms and most of the engagement occurs there.

What is meant by an NFT influencer?

An NFT influencer is an individual who discusses non-fungible tokens and has a significant following on popular social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. NFT businesses often collaborate with these influencers to raise awareness and promote their products. As compensation for their partnership, NFT influencers may receive a percentage as compensation for the collaboration.

Top NFT influencers on Twitter to follow in 2023

Twitter is a popular platform to find NFT influencers where they often share their latest NFT drops, digital art, and other creative projects, providing valuable insights into the world of NFTs for their followers.

If you’re interested in influencer marketing, collaborate with these top NFT influencers on Twitter to promote your collection to their growing community. These influencers are known for their unique style, creativity, and innovative use of NFTs in their work, making them valuable sources of inspiration and knowledge.

1. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is an entrepreneur (CEO of Vaynermedia) and a prominent NFT influencer on Twitter with 3.1 million followers. He started promoting the Cryptopunks art collection to celebrities in 2017 and later created the VeeFriends asset collection containing 10,255 character non-fungible tokens. Vaynerchuk’s famous doodle called “Empathetic Elephant” was sold for $412,500 in Christie’s auction in 2021. Gary is known for his thoughts and insights on the NFT space, as well as his passion for technology and marketing. He shares his thoughts on the future of NFTs, their potential impact on the art world, and how they can be used for creative expression. Gary Vaynerchuk’s tweets on NFTs are highly regarded and often spark discussions and debates among his followers. He is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the NFT space and a must-follow for those looking to stay informed and engaged with the NFT community on Twitter.

2. OhhShiny

OhhShiny is an NFT influencer popular on Twitter with over 150k followers recognized for having an NFT as their Twitter profile picture which can be recognized by its hexagonal shape. He is a community cultivator, co-founder, and partner at Digital.XYZ. He strives to make decentralized finance (DeFi) more approachable and share extensive knowledge on the NFT market. The OhhShiny show on Twitter space is famous for its tweets covering the latest in NFTs and for bringing together prominent figures in the Twitter Spaces community. Additionally, he supports up-and-coming projects and creators to give back to the NFT community.

3. Arvin Khamesh

Arvin Khamesh is an NFT influencer on Twitter with above 10k followers. He boasts expertise in the crypto space and a background in investor relationship marketing for public companies. As the founder of Sold Out NFTs, a web 3 marketing agency, Arvin helps businesses sell their NFT collections. He hosts the Sold Out Secret show on Twitter Space, discussing effective strategies for attracting the right buyers and selling NFTs quickly. With a track record of generating ROI of 11-40x for web 3 companies during the bear market, Arvin is a sought-after speaker at prestigious blockchain events such as Blockchain Festivals, TMRW Conference, IFPX, Metaverse Week, and AIBC/Sigma.

4. Gmoney

Gmoney is another well-connected influential person in the NFT industry with 289.4K followers on Twitter. He gained notoriety for purchasing a Crypto Punk avatar for 140 ETH (approximately $170,000) and later established himself as a leader in the NFT space with the creation of “Gmoney Brick Breaker,” the first fully on-chain game. He also showcases his NFT avatar in the digital Prada front row. Gmoney hosts the “Admit One” podcast, featuring interviews with top influencers such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Bobby Hundreds, Cory Van Lew, and Andrew Yang.

Who are the top NFT influencers on YouTube?

Following are the top NFT influencers on YouTube who offer guidance on minting and selling NFTs, as well as tips for maximizing profits through NFT investments:

1. Alex Becker

Alex Becker is a YouTube influencer with 1.31 million subscribers. He is the CEO of a SaaS company, Market Hero, and the author of the best-selling book, “The 10 Pillars of Wealth.” His YouTube channel is known for his entertaining and innovative videos on the crypto gaming industry and wealth creation.

2. Ellio Trades

Ellio Trades is a prominent YouTube figure, with 582K subscribers, who is also the founder of Play Imposters and Super Farm. He brands his channel as the ultimate source of information for both novice and seasoned crypto enthusiasts, covering all facets of the crypto realm. Elio holds live AMA sessions with NFT token creators and industry leaders and frequently releases market analysis videos to keep his audience informed.

3. BoredApeYC

The Bored Ape Yacht Club is the most famous NFT project so far with a collection of 10,000 unique Bored Ape NFTs and over US$1 billion in total sales. Gargamel and Gordon Goner are the founders who created this brand that dominates on social networks and is popular among a host of celebrities. Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, and Madonna are some of the notable buyers of Bored Ape non-fungible tokens.

Connect with the best NFT influencers to promote your brands

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