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Why Choose a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (FCMO)?

In the fast-paced world of crypto, NFTs, and digital marketing, strategies that once brought you success can quickly become obsolete. But with FCMO by your side, you always have a seasoned expert leading your marketing efforts, ensuring optimal ROI and adapting strategies to the ever-changing digital landscape.

Step 1:

“Stay Certified & Ad-Ready with Us!”

Feeling swamped by the ever-evolving rules of online advertising? We’re your guiding light! When it comes to platforms like TWITTER, REDDIT, and QUORA, we’re always one step ahead. Here’s a thing to note: if you’re into gaming, crypto, or NFTs, these areas are tagged ‘financially restricted’ on social media platforms. In simpler terms? You need some special badges (aka certificates) to talk about them freely in your ads. Without these, some of your favorite buzzwords might be a no-go.

But don’t fret! We’ve got a dynamic duo specializing in this. They’ll sift through the details, align them with what these big platforms are craving, and supercharge your online persona, making sure you’re all set with the ad licenses you need.

Here’s why we’re your best bet:

  • Rule Rangers: Some might gloss over the small details, but we deep dive into them, ensuring your ad path is crystal clear.
  • Lost Your Certificate? We’re Your Lifeline! Stumbled due to some ad blunders? No worries. We’ll locate those tricky ads, give them the boot, and then lead you by the hand to regain that precious certificate.
  • Backup Ready: Facing certificate hitches? Our pre-certified accounts are your golden ticket to keep ads afloat.
  • Certificate Sprinters: Going solo, the certification process can drag. With us, it’s a speedy race to the finish.
  • Paperwork Pros: Need docs for those certificates? Whether we tap into your collection or ours, we navigate the maze swiftly and skillfully.

So, why go it alone? Join forces with us, and let’s conquer the ad world!

1. “Got Banned? We’ve Got Your Back!”

Got a red flag on your social media account? Don’t freak out; we’re here to help. When you get hit with one of those pesky bans, we dive right in to figure out what went wrong. Think of us as your peace-making pals, smoothing things over between you and those big social media giants.

But hey, a little heads up from your side can go a long way. The clearer the picture you paint for us about the ban, the better we can help you bounce back. We’ve got a pretty good track record of getting accounts back in action, but sometimes there are hiccups. So, keep things transparent, and we’ll do our best to get you back online!

Defiance case study 

“Snag That Perfect Username!”

Ever spotted a killer username on Twitter or Instagram and thought, “Wish that was mine!”? Well, guess what? We’re your go-to crew for that! We’re pros at helping folks grab their dream usernames on these platforms. But here’s the real deal – there’s more to it than just wishing.

Some names are unique, some might be super short, or maybe someone’s been MIA on that handle for ages. And yeah, the cash you’re ready to splash and the paperwork you’ve got can make a difference too.

But don’t sweat it! We got a handy form for you to fill, giving us the lowdown on your business. Once that’s squared away, either you hand us the docs we need or if you’re drawing a blank, we can whip out some of our own.

Our game? Keeping those chat windows buzzing till we lock in that username for you!

“Beyond Average: Tailored Strategies Powered by Real-World Insights”

We’re not your average Joe Schmoe advisors. Our unique edge? An incubator where numerous people test out our advice. When they thrive following our guidance, it’s proof our strategies hit the mark. If they diverge and still succeed, we gain fresh insights. But if they sidestep our counsel and stumble, it reinforces our understanding of what doesn’t work. Essentially, with us, you’re not just getting advice, but wisdom from tons of real-world experiments. Beyond this, we craft a tailor-made game plan for your brand, responsive to the dynamic online landscape. We deeply study the market, absorbing lessons from successes and pitfalls alike. Need a detailed business or marketing strategy? We dedicate 3 days to thoroughly research your brand’s online presence, culminating in a comprehensive report. With the hands-on involvement of our top-tier CMO Fractional Chief Marketing Officer, we ensure your digital image is impeccable. Plus, if you’re eyeing ventures like tokens or NFTs, we’re equipped with a clear roadmap to guide you.

  1. CryptoElite Hiring Hub

Hiring & Guidance:

  • The Perfect Match: We’ll find folks who just “get” your crypto vibe.
  • No Fuss Hiring: Ditch the recruitment drama. We’re on it. 

Here’s an example of an important role you need to hire for: 

  • Stay Chatty: 5-6 tweets daily.
  • Deep Dives: 1-2 threads a week.
  • Space Explorer: Participate in Twitter spaces.
  • Stay Connected: Handle DMs and comments.
  1. Project Management Service (extra $2000/month)

Ever noticed how some projects just zip through while others crawl? From all our experience, here’s a fun fact: Projects with a manager get things done way faster. Without one? Things can drag on, like 5 times longer.

So, if you want to speed things up and dodge the chaos, our Project Management service has got your back. We’ll hook you up with a top-notch manager to keep everything on track.

  1. Spruce-Up Content Service:

Whitepaper Makeover:

You know how different folks like different strokes? Gamers? They skim whitepapers and hunt for certain info. But folks into medical stuff? They dive deep into safety details and plans. Then there’s the “degen brand” crowd – they’d rather feel a personal touch than a suit-and-tie tone. Remember Art Gobblers’ whitepaper? Perfect for folks with a bit of number-crunching love. That’s how varied whitepapers can be. We’ll tweak yours so it chats just right to your peeps.

Website Revamp: 

Remember when, during the 2021 boom, a quick $500 website with a catchy word was cool ’cause of the NFT craze? Well, times change. If you’re launching during tricky times, like say after a big platform mess-up, your website needs more thought. We’re talking about nailing that first impression with a killer headline, setting the mood right with design, and laying out info in a way that makes sense. Wondering where to pop that “mint” button or show off some cool testimonials? We’ve got the blueprint.

  1. Viral Video Boost (Video production cost is not included)

Ever thought about jazzing things up a bit? Let’s make a splash with a killer video! By getting a pro video editor on board, we’ll craft a video so good, folks will wanna hit that share button pronto. Plus, think about it: more shares mean you’re spending less every time someone clicks or hops on board. And hey, a slick video is like a shiny badge that screams, “We’re the real deal!”

  1. TwitBoost Hub: Connect, Comment, & Conquer

Got something awesome you want everyone to know about? Let’s crank up the volume on Twitter! Our Twitter Party Starter bots are here to slide into DMs and drop comments like they’ve got the best dance moves.

Here’s the scoop:

  • Keeping It Real & Updated: Look, we’re all in to get you some real followers and fire up cool chats. Here’s the game plan: we dive into your world, spot the Twitter peeps vibing with your stuff, and our bots hit them up with catchy messages and comments. But hey, Twitter’s rules? They can be as unpredictable as a plot twist in a soap opera. Right now, our bots are dropping 100 comments and sending out 1,000 DMs every day. If Twitter goes all drama mode and messes with the rules, no stress! We’re on top of it and will get our bots grooving again in no time.
  • ChatGPT Outreach – Real Chats, No Fuss: We’re on a mission to connect you with genuine followers and kickstart engaging conversations. Dive into this: we immerse ourselves in your vibe, spot the Twitter crowd who’ll be all over what you’re offering, and let our bots shoot them standout messages or comments. Now, here’s the fun part – when they check out that DM, your Twitter manager jumps in, smoothly chit-chatting them into maybe investing, checking out a Twitter show, or joining your squad. The cherry on top? Our DM bot’s got a dash of ChatGPT flair, subtly changing up each message, so we stay under Twitter’s radar and dodge the ban blues.
  • Comment Magic: Our commenting bot ain’t just any bot. It reads tweets, gets the gist, and drops comments that seem oh-so-human. We’re even trying to teach it a joke or two! And it’s smart – it picks tweets from specific big-shot handles to boost your visibility. Plus, we’ve jazzed it up with custom timings, so it doesn’t look like a bot and keeps Twitter’s ban boogeyman away.
  1. Utility Makeover: Stay Fresh & Relevant

Here’s the deal: what folks are buzzing about changes with the times. Remember when everyone was all about AI, DeFi, and stacking cash? By weaving these hot topics into your project, you make it a must-have. Back during the bullrun, utility took a backseat. Then came the bear market, and suddenly, everyone was all “utility this, utility that!” Now, we’re in a whole new ball game, and the rules have shifted. So, let’s fine-tune your utility to match the vibe of today. Trust us, it’s crucial to stay on beat and get guidance that matches the mood of the moment when launching your brand.


Smart Partnerships: Making the Right Moves


Feeling stuck on who to team up with in the speedy crypto world? Don’t sweat it, we got you. We’ll give you the lowdown on who’s worth your time and who’s not, so there’s no second-guessing. And hey, while big shots like Polygon or Magic Eden are total game-changers, some collabs are just dead ends. We’re here to help you spot the real deals and dodge the duds.

Spotlight Sessions: Your Ticket to the Soldout Secret Show

Ever wanted to hit the stage and get your brand buzzing in all the right circles? Here’s your chance:

  • Weekly Limelight: Jump on our “Soldout Secret Show” and flaunt your brand during our ever-changing speaker series. It’s like musical chairs but with speakers, giving everyone a moment in the sun.
  • Rub Shoulders with the Big Shots: While you’re there, why not mingle? You’ll not only reach a broader crowd but also get to hang with some industry head honchos.
  • Tailored for You: Not every show’s gonna be your jam. Don’t stress – we’ll guide you to the episodes that align with your vibe, ensuring your brand shines in the best light.

This show is on pause for now, until we reactivate it.

Stay Social with ‘Tweet & Talk Turbo’

Looking to boss up your Twitter game effortlessly? Here’s what’s cookin’ with us:

  • Twitter Turbocharge: From dropping comments to DMing with our bots, we’ve got your Twitter vibe on lock.
  • Oops, Banned? Chill, We Got This: Mistakes happen. If Twitter puts you in timeout, we’ll have you back and tweeting in no time. Link with: “Got Banned? We’ve Got Your Back!”
  • “Ad-venture Awaits: Become an Ad Hero!”

Wanna splash your thing across the web and get folks buzzing? We’re your sidekicks for that! From Discord to TikTok, and all the way to some cool third-party places, we’ve been there, done that.

🔍 Types of Magic We Cook Up:

  • Engagement Boosters: Ever dreamt of getting peeps to interact with your tweets for less than a penny? Like, literally $0.007? Dream no more!
  • Sell, Sell, Sell!: Whether it’s an artsy NFT, shitcoin, a snazzy product, or just getting folks to sign up, we got the tricks!

🚀 The Secret Sauce:

  • Stellar Landing Pages: First impressions matter! Our landing pages aren’t just pretty; they convert.
  • Click-worthy Ads: Imagine getting the right peeps to click for less than a buck. Yep, we make it happen!
  • Copy that Pops: Some words are no-nos for ads. Don’t fret; we know the dance around tricky rules to game the algorithm.
  • Designs that Dazzle: With a vault of successful examples, trust us, we know what catches the eye.
  • Ninja-level Targeting: Whether it’s handpicking Twitter handles or juggling 5,000 keywords, we do the heavy lifting.
  • Eagle-eye Tracking: Our custom-built tool ensures you know what’s working and what’s not. (P.S. You cover the software bill, but it’s worth every penny!)
  • Variety is Key: Think 600+ ad variations for platforms like Facebook. We’ll find that golden ticket!

💰 Budget Masters: Managed huge cash splashes up to $500K a month. Yep, we’re kinda big deals.

🎯 Your Bang for Buck: Our aim? You spend less and earn more from every ad. Transparent and clear results. No sneaky business.

Step 3: 

LaunchPad Lift-off: We Propel Your Project on Premier Platforms!

Want to see your project skyrocket? Let’s get you on the big league platforms like Binance PFI, Magic Eden, and OpenSea.

🚀 Get the VIP Pass: We don’t just help you apply – we’re tight with the folks at these launchpads. So, we chat with them directly, making sure your project’s got everything it needs to shine bright.

🛍️ Pay as You Earn: Cool part? No fat checks upfront. Platforms like Magic Eden will only snag a 15% cut from your sales. You earn, they earn, we all win!

🔥 More than Just a Spotlight: These aren’t just launch pads, pal. Think of them as your backstage pass to cool extras like development help, potential partners, and even some rad promotional perks like email shoutouts and website features.

Step 4:

Stay On Top with ‘On-Point Planner’

Looking to get your project noticed? Let’s get you on the map, and by map, we mean those top NFT calendars everyone’s checking out:

  • Get Listed, Get Noticed: We’ll pop your project onto THE big-deal NFT calendars. You know, the ones where all the cool projects hang out.
  • The Lowdown on Listings: Just a heads-up, while a bunch of these listings won’t cost you a dime, the prime spots (especially around big events like presales) might have a price tag. But hey, for prime-time attention, it’s totally worth it!

Step 5:

“Unleashing Potential with Powerful Networks!”

Boost Your Project with Our Outreach 🚀

Got a standout project? Show us its traction with NFT sales or brand collaborations. Once onboard, we’ll champion your project to our expansive network.

What We Offer:

– Crypto Conversations: Pitch to our exclusive invite-only groups.

– Broad Outreach: We’ll introduce you to our 350K + 2K email audiences.

– Telegram Ties: Connect through our segmented investor chats.

– Global Showcase: Potential feature opportunities at top events & podcasts.

– High-Profile Introductions: Network with key figures in family offices and hedge funds.

While we’ll go the extra mile in outreach, acceptance by these networks isn’t guaranteed. We give it our best shot! Ready to collaborate?

What Will You Get?

Alpha Group Outreach:

  • The Real Deal with Alpha Groups:
  • Overblown Offers: Some services shout out to 500+ alpha groups, but with everyone paying for a mention, trust dwindles.
  • Membership-Only Invite Groups: We’re in exclusive groups that require an invite and often a membership fee. Here, our shoutouts are more than just mentions – they come with credibility.
  • Reputable Public Alphas: Each alpha group has its distinct focus. We handpick those that resonate with your project.
  • We operate on a performance-based model. So, to represent you in these alpha groups, we’ll need a percentage-based deal.

====== TeamSync: Seamless Communication for Web3 Success!

Navigating the digital space and need someone who’s got your back? Look no further! With TeamSync, you’re not left hanging. Here’s how we roll:

  • Prompt Replies: Drop us a line, and you’ll hear from us within a day. On some rare occasions, like many in the Web3 realm, it might take us up to 72 hours. But rest assured, we’re on it!
  • Progress, Not Problems: We believe in solutions, not just spotting snags. So instead of bombarding you with issues, we tackle them head-on and keep you updated about the advancements we make.
  • Clearing Doubts: Got questions about our digital content or need some clarity after a live walkthrough? Just ask. We’re here to clarify and guide, and most times, a simple text does the trick.
  • Adapting to Change: The crypto and social media landscapes can be unpredictable. Sometimes, our offerings might hit a small bump. But don’t sweat it! Our dedicated team jumps into action mode to ensure you get the full experience you signed up for.

Let’s embark on this Web3 journey together, with clarity and commitment! Ready to sync up?

Think of FCMO as your trusty marketing sidekick in the bustling world of web3 digital marketing. Together, we’ll make sense of the maze, ensuring every move you make is a slam dunk for growth and bang for your buck.

Ready to turn up your marketing vibes?

Jump in with FCMO and let’s rock it!

*Note: Specific terms and conditions apply. Reach out to us for a detailed consultation and tailor-made strategies.*

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