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SON Crypto Incubator - Your Crypto Powerhouse

Why choose the SON Incubator?

Navigating the crypto maze? Let SON Incubator be your guide. We equip you with savvy tools like custom bots and foolproof NFT and Crypto certificates for seamless crypto PPC ads. Get VIP access to exclusive projects and tap into Arvin’s expert insights. The cherry on top? Instead of testing waters alone, join 20+ other brands, each exploring different strategies. It’s a collaborative crypto lab: some experiments win big, others teach vital lessons, but you save time and resources either way. With SON, you’re not solo; you’re part of a team. Dive in, strategize, and thrive together!

SON Crypto Incubator: Your Crypto Powerhouse

What will you get with SON Crypto Incubator?


TwitBoost Hub: Connect, Comment, & Conquer


Wanna make noise on Twitter? Jumpstart the party with our bots that slide into DMs and drop comments smoother than your favorite DJ’s transitions. Here’s the deal:

Keeping It Real & Updated: 


We’re all about genuine connections and lively chats. We dig deep into your scene, find Twitter folks who’d jive with your content, and our bots get chatting with catchy lines. Though Twitter rules can flip like TV drama plots, we’re always tuned in. Currently, our bots drop 100 comments and ping 1,000 DMs daily. If Twitter throws a curveball, relax! We’ll recalibrate and keep the party rockin’.

ChatGPT Outreach: Authentic Convos, Zero Hassle


Want authentic Twitter connections? Dive in with our ChatGPT Outreach. We vibe with your brand, pinpoint Twitter enthusiasts, and let the bots initiate with standout messages. But it doesn’t end there! Once they peep that DM, our Twitter maestro steps in for the real talk, enticing them into your world. And with a sprinkle of ChatGPT pizzazz, each message stays fresh, keeping us cool with Twitter.

Comment Magic: Comments That Resonate


Introducing Comment Magic: not just your run-of-the-mill bot. It reads, understands, and comments in a way that screams human. We’re even adding a pinch of humor! It strategically targets bigwig handles to amplify your voice and, thanks to custom timings, remains incognito, evading Twitter’s watchful eyes.

Don’t sweat the small stuff either. We’re on top of:

  • Researching the right handles for comments and DMs.
  • Crafting a foolproof DM strategy to engage and reel in your audience.

LaunchPad Lift-off: We Propel Your Project on Premier Platforms!


Got a project and dream of seeing it on top platforms like Binance PFI, Magic Eden, and OpenSea? We’re here to make that happen for you! And the best part? We handle the heavy lifting, and in return, we just take a percentage from the successes we bring you.

The Inside Track: We’re tight with the folks at these major platforms. Instead of you wading through paperwork and processes, we chat with them directly, ensuring your project gets the limelight it deserves.

Earn-to-Pay: You won’t feel a pinch upfront. Platforms like Magic Eden only nab a 15% cut from your sales. So, when you win, we all celebrate!

The VIP Experience: But wait, there’s more! Beyond just launching, you gain access to bonuses like development support, introductions to potential partners, and some cool promotional treats – think email shoutouts and prime spots on websites.

Step in and let us boost your project to the stars!

Stay Certified & Ad-Ready with Us!


Lost in the vast jungle of online ad rules? We’re your ultimate compass! Platforms like TWITTER, REDDIT, and QUORA are always switching up their rules. Especially if you’re diving into the gaming, crypto, or NFT world, there’s a catch. They’re labeled as ‘financially restricted’ on social media. That means, to shout about them and use all the cool jargon, you need special certificates. If you don’t have ’em, some of your go-to words could be off-limits.

No sweat though! Our ad-expert duo is on the case. They’ll hustle, gathering all the specifics, lining them up with platform requirements, and giving your online face a total makeover. Our aim? To ensure you’re decked out and ready with those vital ad licenses.

Why choose us? Let’s break it down:

  • Policy Buffs: While most skim the fine print, we’re in the trenches, making sure your ads sail smoothly.
  • Certificate Drama? We’re On It!: Lost your cert due to some ad slip-ups? We got you. We’ll hunt down those pesky ads, nix them, and then guide you, step-by-step, to reclaim your certificate.
  • Need a Plan B?: Got certificate issues? Our certified accounts are your ace in the hole to keep those ads running.
  • Swift Certificates: Alone, this certificate chase can drag. With us? It’s a fast-paced adventure.
  • Doc Dynamos: Certificates mean paperwork. But whether it’s your stash or ours, we whip through it like a breeze.

Why wander aimlessly when we can be your guide? Team up with us, and let’s make some noise online, together!

TeamSync: Seamless Communication for Web3 Success!


Navigating the digital space and need someone who’s got your back? Look no further! With TeamSync, you’re not left hanging. Here’s how we roll:

  • Prompt Replies: Drop us a line, and you’ll hear from us within a day. On some rare occasions, like many in the Web3 realm, it might take us up to 72 hours. But rest assured, we’re on it!
  • Progress, Not Problems: We believe in solutions, not just spotting snags. So instead of bombarding you with issues, we tackle them head-on and keep you updated about the advancements we make.
  • Clearing Doubts: Got questions about our digital content or need some clarity after a live walkthrough? Just ask. We’re here to clarify and guide, and most times, a simple text does the trick.
  • Adapting to Change: The crypto and social media landscapes can be unpredictable. Sometimes, our offerings might hit a small bump. But don’t sweat it! Our dedicated team jumps into action mode to ensure you get the full experience you signed up for.

Let’s embark on this Web3 journey together, with clarity and commitment! Ready to sync up?

Network Navigator: Amplify Your Project through Elite Connections!


Have an impressive project with some NFT sales or cool brand partnerships under its belt? Bring it to us! We’ll work our magic and introduce it to our vast and influential circles. And yep, when we elevate your game, we simply take a percentage for our services.

Here’s how we’ll power-boost your project:

  • Exclusive Encounters: Get a chance to pitch in our invite-only crypto groups.
  • Mega Exposure: Be seen by our whopping 350K + 2K email subscribers.
  • Talk Telegram: Dive into investor discussions in our tailored chats.
  • Worldwide Window: Stand a chance to be featured in renowned events & podcasts.
  • Meet the Movers: Rub shoulders with biggies in family offices and hedge funds.

Just a little heads up – while we’ll hustle hard, we can’t always guarantee that these networks will take you in. But trust us, we’re all in! Ready to take your project to new heights with us?

Alpha Groups: Boost Your Project with Precision Outreach!


What Will You Get?


Alpha Group Outreach:

  • The Real Deal with Alpha Groups:
  • Overblown Offers: Some services shout out to 500+ alpha groups, but with everyone paying for a mention, trust dwindles.
  • Membership-Only Invite Groups: We’re in exclusive groups that require an invite and often a membership fee. Here, our shoutouts are more than just mentions – they come with credibility.
  • Reputable Public Alphas: Each alpha group has its distinct focus. We handpick those that resonate with your project.
  • We operate on a performance-based model. So, to represent you in these alpha groups, we’ll need a percentage-based deal.

What you will learn?


Ad-Venture Mastery: Become Your Own Ad Hero!

Dream of making waves in the digital realm? We’re here to equip you! Through our pre-recorded digital lessons and live walk-throughs, we guide you across platforms, from Discord to TikTok and even those hidden gems.

🔍 Lessons in Ad Magic You’ll Master:

  • Unique Twitter Tactics: We’ll unveil a one-of-a-kind follower campaign technique for Twitter. Although Twitter has removed the standard follower campaign, we’ve discovered a unique setup not available to the average user. Learn to gain genuine, targeted followers for as low as 20 cents each! – link to a service page
  • Engagement Amplifiers: Get interactions on your tweets for just $0.007? Yep, that dream’s within reach.  – link to a service page
  • Sales Secrets: Whether it’s artsy NFTs, intriguing coins, or boosting sign-ups, our playbook’s got you covered.  – link to a service page

🚀 The Curriculum:

  • Landing Page Creation: Craft pages that are not just eye-catchy but also convert.
  • Ad Crafting: Discover the art of making ads that users can’t resist clicking.
  • Copywriting Mastery: We break down how to write copy that adheres to tricky ad rules.
  • Design 101: Get insights from a range of successful designs that truly engage.
  • Precision Targeting: From picking Twitter handles to handling tons of keywords, we got the techniques laid out.
  • Performance Tracking: Learn how to decipher which ads shine with tools that offer priceless insights (Note: software cost involved).
  • Split Testing Revealed: Dive into the nitty-gritty of testing 600+ ad variations to pinpoint the perfect ad combo – from content and design to precise targeting. We spotlight top-performers and teach you how to maximize their potential.
  • Budgeting Essentials: Be it modest spends or grand budgets, we share strategies to make every cent count.
  • Maximizing ROI: Our aim? Help you squeeze the maximum benefit out of each dollar, all with pure transparency.

Need a Hand? Encounter a snag or have a query? Our Telegram chat support is at your beck and call. Simply send over a screenshot of the issue, and we’ll be right there to guide you.

Embark on this journey and revolutionize how you advertise!

Crypto AdCraft 101: Boost Your Twitter Sales!


Aiming to make your Twitter ads the talk of the town? Dive into our course, and we’ll walk you through the magic of creating standout ad copies, specifically tailored for the crypto world – be it NFTs, Tokens, or any web3 ads. Instead of just telling you what to do, we’ll guide you step-by-step to ensure your sales soar. Ready to make your web3 project the talk of the town? Join us!

Crypto HandleHub: Target Like a Pro on Twitter!


Launching a crypto-themed Twitter campaign? We’ve done the legwork for you! Dive into our service, and we’ll serve up hand-picked Twitter handles perfect for targeting those web3, NFT, and Token ads. We’ve gathered insights from successful campaigns within our incubator, and we’re ready to share the gold with you. Ready to reach the right crowd? Let’s get started! 

Arvin’s BizBoost Blueprint: Strategies Rooted in Reality!


Navigating business? We’ve got a unique edge: our incubator. Here, real-world folks test our advice. When they thrive, we know we’re on point. And when they don’t? We learn and adapt. With us, you tap into real-world-tested wisdom, not just generic tips.

Package Highlights:

  • Custom Business & Marketing Analysis: A 3-day deep dive into your brand, culminating in a tailored report.
  • On-Demand Weekly Chats with Arvin: Schedule when you need, and we’ll dive deep into topics ranging from pricing to addressing those persistent FUDs.
  • Real-World Validated Advice: Direct insights from our incubator experiences.

Join us and elevate your brand with advice that’s tried and true! Dive in today!

Hashtag Trending Mastery:

  • Ever noticed tweets gaining traction way beyond the tweeter’s follower count? The secret is in the hashtag game. Share your preferred hashtags with us, and our vendor will work their magic. Before you know it, your tweet will be a top search result, even if it’s just for a short while.

Master the Twitter Space Show:

  • Boost Your Live Audience: Using our methods, your Twitter Space Show can attract 100+ real attendees.
  • High-Profile Guest Invitations: We’ve mastered the art of inviting influential speakers who usually charge, to grace and endorse your show without a fee.
  • Hosting Expertise: From liaising with these major voices to ensuring your audience’s active participation, we guide you at every turn.

SON Crypto Incubator: Your Crypto Powerhouse

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