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Elevate Your Crypto Tokens with Ads: Expert Google Ad Campaigns


If you are not sure, read now: What’s a Token? 

Why Us?


Google ads in the web3 domain can be tricky. Our official Google partner managers have got you covered!

Custom Strategies for Success:

  • News Websites: Engage your audience informatively.
  • Intermediary Page: A bridge to your project.
  • Direct Ads: Minimized clicks, direct results.

Focused Results:

  • Conversion: Know your ads’ real impact.
  • Tracking: Using our unique methods or UTM links, we pinpoint successes.

Why Tracking?

Understanding return on ad spend (ROAS) is vital. It directs our strategies for consistent growth.

Step into Web3 Advertising Smartly:

Navigate web3 advertising effectively. Let’s boost your ROI together!

Meta Ads for Token Projects: Dive into Future-Ready Advertising

Step into Meta’s World

Formerly Facebook, Meta offers an immersive world where online communities and businesses feel more alive than ever.

Our Proven Method

With our ad testing for countries, age groups, and interests, we’ve learned loads. We guide our incubator brands, and we learn collectively. Interested? See our incubator.

What You Get with Us

  • Clicks: Usually under $1.
  • Affordable Leads: Between $2-18.
  • High Returns: Expect 3-10x on your ad spend!

The New Era: Meta + Web3

Step beyond typical ads. With Meta, you’re leaping into the Web3 evolution.

Our Dynamic Strategy for Platforms

  • Variety Reigns: For one offer, we create over 600 ad variations.
  • Split Testing: We combine different ad elements to find the best fit.
  • Email List Power: With our crypto-specific email lists, we target with exceptional accuracy.
  • Optimized Spend: Our focus? More value for your dollar.

Eager to amplify your token project with Meta and our unique ad strategies? Connect now and let’s innovate together!

SEO: this is also important and we don’t do it the typical way where you wait for 6 month until you see any results. There are

  • Section3: Acquiring web3 game users as low $0.80

Start with Dfiance case study: here.

Twitter Ads for Gaming Projects: Level Up Your Reach


Why Twitter?

Success Spotlight: Dfiance’s Game Plan

On an investment of just $251, Dfiance unlocked 200 new registrations. We aim to scale this, perfecting cost per acquisition—a realm we excel in. Teaming up with Twitter and leveraging data, we supercharged this campaign.

Customized Targeting:

Aim with precision. Target fans of games similar to yours, or even rival games. Different countries, different gaming tastes – we fine-tune your ads accordingly.

Budget Flexibility:

Your money, your pace. Adjust your ad spend based on real-time performance on Twitter.

Our Winning Strategy:

  • Dive into your brand details.
  • Craft an engaging offer.
  • Design dynamic ad copies.
  • Launch them with your nod.

Navigating Tracking Challenges:

Web3 ad tracking can be a maze. But we’ve mapped it out. Our advanced system seamlessly tracks game conversions, and we tap into smart contract data for holistic insights.

Beyond The Norm:

Our strategies stand out, all backed by real-world testing. We pledge not just solutions, but result-driven strategies, tailored for your brand. Curious? Meet our Incubator SON.

Stay Compliant & Shine Bright:

Online advertising rules can be a handful. But we’ve mastered the art for platforms like TWITTER, REDDIT, and QUORA. Lean on us, and watch your ads thrive in compliance.

Banned? No Panic! We’ve Got You:

Stumbled upon social media bans? We’re your go-to troubleshooters. Just loop us in.

Ready to conquer the gaming scene? Partner with us. Your next success story is just a tweet away!


Unveiling the Future of Game Ads: Meta & Beyond!


In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, you want to make sure your game registrations are getting the best value for money. Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter ads, every cent matters. But, it’s not just about the cost; it’s about the value. It’s about knowing which platform not only brings you users at a lower registration cost but also users who stay committed past that first game play. This is where Lifetime Value (LTV) steps in.

Tracking is the Name of the Game!

You need to understand where your audience is coming from and how they’re engaging. Our in-depth tracking mechanisms will tell you just that.

Why Settle for Traditional when you can have Meta?

As we usher into the era of Web3, advertising isn’t left behind. Embrace the future with Meta, where your ads aren’t just messages—they’re experiences.

Our Exclusive Ad Strategy for Facebook & Instagram

Variety isn’t just the spice of life; it’s the secret to our success!

  • Multiple Variations: We’re talking big numbers here! With over 600+ variations for a single offer, we ensure that we’ve explored every possible avenue.
  • The Power of Split Testing: The battle of ad copies, creatives, and targeting options – we take them head on. We compare, we contrast, and we determine the magic mix that delivers.
  • Our Ace: Email Lists: With an expansive email list specifically segmented for crypto users, we have a unique advantage. We use this to craft “look-alike audiences”, enhancing our targeting precision.
  • Value for Money: Our strategic approach ensures you enjoy the most cost-effective results. High conversion at low costs – that’s the dream, right?

Ready to embark on a transformative digital journey? With Meta and our unmatched ad strategies, your game is set to soar. Connect with us now and let’s redefine your digital footprint!

  • Section4: sell out NFTs at ROI or 3-10x

This is what we got popular for hence our domain name soldoutnfts! 

Since December 2021, we’ve done 50MM+ raise from various NFT collections. 

If you don’t know our story, because of my extensive paid ads background the first strategy I naturally tried in web3 marketing was paid ads.

Paid ads in web3 has been getting bad reps: 

Our first sales of NFTs was actually from running Twitter ads directly to an Opensea profile for an Italian artist.

He sold his 1 of 1s and there I was realizing that’s a proof of concept.

Then by advising so many projects at the time on that very specific strategy I picked up other strategies which has been ever changing in about every 3-6 months since then till today.

Up until March 2022, the main strategy was combination of fake and real followers on Twitter that had their first Tweet would give the brand 10k plus followers and building large discord channels using mass DM, influencer marketing which back then was still working and Instagram ads and also leaving the discord link in the bio of the Twitter. You must understand this was the bull market so the market sentiment was positive which means less marketing was needed.

The ROI our projects would get where up to 40x of their investments.Hence why we became popular.

The typical raises were 10-20MM.

See this: NFT Marketing Consultant Shares His Strategy For Successfully Launching Over 400 NFT Projects In Three Months

Back then there was no mention of the utilities the promise of building something feature was enough to raise money from the public. Of course many people abused that trust and we entered a new phase with the market becoming more sophisticated. There it was the launch of web3 police people who would be the opposite of completely trusting and completing distributing everything. A brand had one bot in their comments they would get blasted for being a scam project and everyone would talk about how they are going to rug everyone. While that was not true then brand had to come up with new ways of communicating their messaging to the crowd. 

Web3 Influencer marketing become irrelevant around march 2022. The strategis changed once again. 

Twitter was not allowing people to run ads and because we had no connection to Twitter neither we ended up accounting for our ad accounts not the actual twitter accounts getting disabled because of using NFT keywords. So we’d have many accounts ready to go and were able to get spending with each of them. One of our incubator client Hangry Hippos went on to run Twitter ads using a strategy I advised them on and were able to sell out and raise 969K strictly with Twitter ads. No influencer marketing, no fake followers, no mass DM nothing of that sort just Twitter ads.

Then the concept of free mint was invented which to be honest didn’t work out for most projects I knew. Meaning they would sell out but also they would accomplish close to nothing doing so.

Then up until May we’d build huge whitelist communities using paid ads and mass DM and a small percentage of them would buy see case study from Matt’s project the skull project 

Typical raises become about 5MM.

We sold out projects on Launchpads like Magic Eden, and later on Opensea jumped on the band wagon too and that was always a strategy in there available 

Toward the end of 2022 typical raises become 1.5MM each round and then

This strategy worked until July of 2023 and as time passed on the return on ad spend became lower and lower. 

We did create variations of the strategy in the meanwhile for example we sold paid whitelist whether be it with ads or with tokens (see xspectar case study).

At the time of writing this there are several new strategies that we came up with and all the previous strategies are completely obsolete.

Of course I usually share strategies that used to work with people because the moment I share a strategy I accelerate the shelf life of that strategy and it will die faster.

Return on ad spend of 3-10 from running paid ads on NFT sales.

Just Twitter.

Bull run: each drop was at least 5MM but usually 10MM plus 

Early bear market went to few MM

Late Bear market: up until November of 2022 each drop was 1.5MM max

Now: each drop is 400k max

Having said that, we can do lots of drops

Also, we used to do 10k collections but lately we are leaning toward 20k collections all the way to 1.4MM size collections 

Biz model has changed from small supply large price to large supply small price 

Which makes sense as it’s more affordable this way 


Here are the terms

Washtrading: this is when marketplaces do it to say they have a lot of volume. We do have exact numbers of these for OpenSea Magic eden etc if you like 

Token market making: this is been done for ever. I’ve never seen anyone publicly talk about it but in convos comes up and actually has 0 negative connotation around it. There are many companies that offer this service. 

Nft market making: this was originally started by what’s called a WAGMI cabal a group of influencers and celebs who had whales to buy lots of NFTs pump the project and create an illusion there is a lot of demand. For celebs it was done in WhatsApp groups they would time the mint day and have people buy lots of NFTs first few mints make the volume shoot up and trending o…

The concept is actually done in web2.0 as well

Webinars or real life events people are hired to take actions buy some products and makes others wanna do the same

Creators made few MM

Investors usually team up with creators and share profit 

Entrepreneurs 1.5M, another one 20MM 

Influencers made 20MM

College students he made 400k

Fresh off college made 10MM

81% completely sold out.

The rest of the 19% sold 40-80% of their collection and though they could continue to sell more and against my advice stopped and quit.

One of those who sold 40% I picked up 6 month after they “failed” and brought them up to 78% sold out

START with a hangry hippos case study from Linkedin then go into Twitter details

There are other ad platforms that we use also 

Demystifying LinkedIn Ads for the Web3 Era 


In today’s digital age, you might have stumbled upon ads hinting at the magic of web3 and thought, “Can I promote my web3 venture on platforms like LinkedIn?” We’ve got answers for you!

A Brief on LinkedIn’s Ad Policies: LinkedIn has strict guidelines around what can and cannot be promoted. Selling, buying, or trading crypto directly through ads? That’s a no-go. But here’s a clever workaround: You can funnel users through an intermediary page—like a news portal owned by you—which can then guide them to the final destination where your core call-to-action lies.

Mind the Content: Always remember: LinkedIn isn’t Instagram. A risqué or controversial video that might get traction on IG could tarnish your professional reputation on LinkedIn. After all, while bobbing heads to a catchy tune on Instagram is fun, the same thing on LinkedIn might earn some raised eyebrows from corporate peers.

Why Trust Us?

We’ve spearheaded significant LinkedIn ad campaigns for SaaS companies, from lead generation to enticing potential investors. Such extensive ad-spend has earned us VIP access on LinkedIn. 

With this, we gain:

  • Competitive Insights: We can peek into your competitor’s performance metrics—like clicks and leads—without them ever knowing!
  • Detailed Targeting Data: Understand their audience – from geographic targeting, company size, function, to even job titles.
  • Ad Analysis: We scrutinize their ad content and strategies to give you an upper hand.

Curious about the web3 community on LinkedIn? 


It’s thriving! From dedicated web3 groups to specific roles, the potential for targeting is vast.

Cost vs. Value: Yes, LinkedIn ads can be pricier in terms of cost-per-click when compared to other platforms. But remember, it’s all about quality over quantity. A higher initial cost can save you money and time filtering out irrelevant leads in the long run.

The Start Time for Ads: While some campaigns hit gold on day one, others need nurturing, variations, and experimentation to truly shine.


In conclusion, as the world delves deeper into the realm of web3, leveraging platforms like LinkedIn can be your secret weapon. Through strategic ad placements and targeting, you can position your business at the forefront of this digital revolution. All you need is the right partner—like us—to guide you through. Let’s connect and make the web3 magic happen!

Unlock The Power of Quora: Advertise in Web3 with Confidence

Quora official partner – you can find us here:

Have you ever faced challenges advertising in the web3 space due to restricted financial keywords? We’ve got a solution!

Why Choose Quora for Your Business Needs?

  • Exclusive Access: We’ve teamed up directly with the Quora team. This partnership enables us to assist businesses in whitelisting ad accounts so they can freely advertise using typically restricted keywords.
  • Less Competition: Not many know the ins and outs of Quora advertising, giving you a competitive edge. With limited competition, your brand stands out more!
  • Vast Audience: Quora boasts a whopping 400MM unique monthly visitors. That’s a lot of potential eyes on your business.
  • High Search Engine Visibility: Ever noticed how Quora answers often rank high on Google searches? By promoting answers related to your business, you’re not just seen on Quora, but you’re also enhancing your Google visibility.

Introducing Quora for Business: Your Gateway to Effective Advertising

  • Quora Ads: Take advantage of the platform’s detailed targeting options, including topic targeting and audience retargeting. Place your ads where they matter most, whether nestled between engaging answers or on the sidebar.
  • Promoted Answers: Amplify your brand’s voice by promoting answers that align with your message. It’s like word-of-mouth marketing, only better.
  • Deep-Dive Analytics: Keep tabs on your ad performance and user engagement, ensuring you’re always at the top of your game.
  • Content Creation: Beyond advertising, establish your brand as a thought leader. Participate in Q&A sessions, share insights, and answer queries.
  • Spaces: Dive into Quora Spaces — communities formed around specific topics. Engage, share, and connect with your target audience like never before.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Nothing builds trust like expertise. Regularly answering industry-related questions enhances your credibility and fosters trust.

To sum it up, with Quora for Business, you’re not just advertising; you’re building a community, engaging with audiences, and positioning your brand as a leader in the industry.

Come, make the most of Quora with us and elevate your advertising game!

Leverage Reddit for Web3 Dominance


Founded in 2005, Reddit, anchored in San Francisco, attracts 50 million unique daily users, offering a unique blend of shared content, discussions, and originals. Their recent NFT initiatives on Polygon further bolstered the crypto community, adding numerous active wallets.

Reddit & NFTs:

  • 50% of Redditors crave NFTs from favorite brands.
  • While crypto confounds 59% and 54% are price-cautious, 57% are here for community, 44% for exclusives, and 42% to explore.

Reddit: Your Web3 Beacon:

  • 44% pick Reddit for NFT insights.
  • 85% of Redditors are more NFT-aware than the average netizen.
  • Ads on Reddit? Precision-target communities and brand topics.

Budget Web3 Campaigns:

  • Launch on Reddit with clicks often below a dollar!

Certification Note:

  • Web3 ads on Reddit need certificates due to regulations. Curious? 

Ride the Web3 wave with Reddit!

Your Guide to Web3 YouTube Ads

Running YouTube ads in the Web3 space? Here’s what you need to know to ensure your campaigns are a smashing success.

  1. Making Compliant Ads:
  • Google Partnership Advantage: We don’t just make any ads. Our ads manager boasts an exclusive agency partnership with Google known as “Google Partner”. This ensures we can whitelist your ad accounts, even for content that might be categorized as restricted financial material.
  1. Crafting Attention-Grabbing Videos:
  • First Impressions Matter: Want your ad to make an impact? Make sure it grabs attention in the very first 3 seconds! Our expertise ensures your video ad won’t be just another skipped video.
  1. Targeting – The Heart of Your Campaign:
  • Keyword Targeting: Be it ‘cryptocurrency’, the name of your unique NFT, or your token’s name – we’ve got you covered. This ensures your ad reaches those who are genuinely interested.
  • Placement Targeting: Ever dreamt of having your ad displayed on a popular crypto influencer’s channel? With us, it’s possible – and without having to shell out a fortune. We can place your ads on crypto-related videos, getting you the visibility you desire at a fraction of the cost.

Get started with Web3 YouTube ads that not only comply but also captivate and target the right audience. Let’s make your campaign unforgettable!

TikTok Ads for Web3 Enthusiasts


Looking for a fresh way to promote your Web3 product or service? Look no further than TikTok, the buzzing social media platform where millions are glued to 15-second video snippets.

Why TikTok?

  1. It’s Super Popular! Everyone’s on TikTok! From teenagers to grandmas, and yes, even the tech-savvy Web3 crowd. It’s the go-to place for bite-sized entertainment.
  2. Less Competition = More Views! Unlike other crowded ad platforms, TikTok offers a unique space where competition for ad slots is still minimal. This means your ad gets more eyes for less money!
  3. Affordable Clicks: Trying to outshine its competitors, TikTok is keeping the cost-per-click (CPC) surprisingly low. It’s a budget-friendly option with high rewards.
  4. Strong Web3 Community: It’s not just about dance challenges and lip syncs. Many influencers and traders hop onto TikTok to share quick tips and tricks about NFT trading or token strategies.

So, if you’re keen on tapping into a vibrant, engaged audience that loves learning about Web3, TikTok is your stage. Dive in now, and watch your engagement soar!



Who have you worked with before?

From budding startups to established businesses spanning various sectors—SaaS, healthcare, real estate, gyms, and even accounting—we’ve seen and done it all!

What outcomes can I expect post-launch?

Three primary scenarios:

    • A flood of leads or sales immediately—our favorite outcome!
    • Initial traction that fades: We diagnose and address potential issues.
    • No results: A rare occurrence. We regroup, troubleshoot, and relaunch.

How long do clients typically stick around?

While the industry norm is 6 months, many of our clients have been with us for over 3 years. Some even invite us to personal events like birthdays!

Why might a collaboration with you not yield results?

Three reasons:

    • Unrealistic overnight success expectations.
    • A broken sales process or non-converting sales page—we can help with these!
    • Marketing low-value products without adequate patience or funding.

Can this benefit accounts with small followings?

Absolutely! We love assisting newcomers in finding their digital footing.

What about targeting outside the U.S. or specific localities?

Geography is no barrier. Whether you’re targeting a city or an entire country, we’ve got you covered.

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